About Me

Although I was born in Oklahoma, I grew up in Oregon until I went to Dordt University in Sioux Center, Iowa. I graduated from there with a B.A. majoring in Computer Science, Business Administration, and Management Information Systems.

My career as a software developer took me to upstate New York and then to Texas, where I lived for 19 years. My wife grew up on Whidbey Island and we chose to return here in 2015 with our three (now 4!) children to raise our family closer to extended family in Oregon and Washington.

Although I’ve previously been active in political clubs and attended county and state conventions, this is my first time to run for office. I was motivated by what I perceive as unsustainable spending by our local school districts.

I’ve had experience service as an elder on several different church boards, which included setting budgets. I was also elected to multiple terms on my HOA board, where I helped create and manage the budget. I currently serve on the board of my water association.